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In my novel, all the main characters are orphans. The antagonist murdered the parents of every main character (and made it look like an accident.) Even with a reason for them to be orphans, is this a cliche? I know orphans are overdone. How can I make it original and keep it readers from rolling their eyes? Please tag the url dersegoddess in your answer. Thank you!!


Yes, orphans are overdone. TONS of things are overdone, and they will continue to be overdone until the end of time, AS THEY SHOULD BE. Overdone is not automatically synonymous with bad or something you should never do - I’m sure you’ve heard the “nothing is original” lecture before. Just put your own spin on it and make it interesting, which it looks like you’ve done (I actually really love stories where the main characters are connected by something that happened to all of them, tragic or not!) 

Some people will roll their eyes, no matter what you write. You can never please everyone, and you shouldn’t try.

What does everyone else think? 

Good luck!!!!!